GBETON | Manufacturing & Marketing of Concrete Aegina

Our company "GBETON" which is located in Aegina, with modern facilities and a long history in the field, produces and disposes of all qualities of concrete directly serving Aegina and Agistri.

The selection of the appropriate quality of concrete depends on the expected resistance of the structure to environmental influences, physical or chemical, during its desired useful life time. In particular, the choice of the appropriate quality of concrete affects the expected life of the structure, i.e. after how many years it is considered uneconomical to repair it and it is worthwhile to replace it.

  More specifically, our company produces the following qualities of concrete:
  C 8/10
  C 12/15
  C 16/20
  C 20/25
  C 25/30
  C 30/37
  C 35/45
  C 40/50
  C 45/55
  C 50/60
  According to the needs of the project, the choice of graded granulometry can be made for the respective quality.
  Phosphorescent etc.

All the categories of concrete we produce are subject to daily checks, in order to ensure their resistance to the wear and tear of time and to seismic vibrations.

Having a modern fleet consisting of concrete mixers and concrete pumps (presses), the largest of which can pour concrete at a height of up to 40 meters, we can undertake the direct transport of ready-made concrete to Aegina and Agistri.


During the transport of the concrete and until it is laid on your site, the concrete is protected from possible addition of water (eg rain) or its mixing with foreign materials, while at the same time the temperature of the concrete is controlled so that it does not exceed the permissible limits.

In this way, we ensure that the quality of the ready-mixed concrete remains unchanged from the production process to its laying.


Our experienced and specialized staff can propose the ideal solutions and implement specialized constructions always aiming at your perfect service.

to discuss your needs and together find the ideal solutions for any related work you wish to carry out. We directly serve Aegina and Agistri.